Taking Care of Our Bodies Through the Decades

Changes in our skin and body happen so subtly that it’s be hard to even realize it’s going on; and, believe it or not, our bodies start to age from puberty. Not only does our skin change, but age affects everything from our bone density to muscle mass. Knowing how our bodies change, decade by decade, is an effective tool in our anti aging arsenal; here’s what age looks like through the decades.


In our twenties our skin comes into its own, after the hormonal roller coaster that is the teenage years. New cells are replicating at an incredible pace, resulting in a plump and radiant complexion. Towards the end of this glowing decade, fine lines may start to appear on the forehead and around the eyes- certainly if we aren’t taking care of ourselves. This is very likely the most carefree of all decades- we can drink, we are exploring our sexuality and the world is our oyster; but skimping on sleep, skipping meals and consuming too much alcohol can and WILL deplete our bodies.

In our twenties bone density is at its peak, as is our metabolism; even brain power peaks at 22. This is the decade to build a strong foundation for our healthy futures; the time to start an exercise program and adopt healthy eating habits is most certainly within this carefree and vital decade.


This is the decade that the natural decline of fitness may begin to show its age with slight weight gain and mild difficulty losing weight. The ageing process will begin to show, slightly, on our faces; fine lines become more evident, pores may be enlarged and more noticeable and radiance may be in decline. Our bodies are no longer immune to small changes, slight stiffness in muscles and joints could lead to injury; and breasts will likely feel less full, due to many factors, such as breastfeeding and pregnancy. In our 30s fertility is half of what it used to be – but that’s not going to slow us down! During this decade it becomes crucial to eat a balanced diet and keep weight in check.


In our 40s, we are wiser and more confident in who we have become; which comes from years of self discovery. Along with wisdom comes more pronounced wrinkles and skin that is becoming drier and less supple, as menopause and peri-menopause creeps in. As the levels of female hormones decline, fat settles on the abdomen and it becomes more difficult to lose it. Other age related changes are also beginning to show; our eyesight and hearing isn’t what it used to be and our hearts aren’t as youthful as they once were. Pumping blood around the body becomes a more difficult task, due to lost elasticity in the blood vessels.

The 40s is the age where breast awareness is beyond important- it’s important in all decades; but incidences of breast cancer rise sharply during our 40’s and 50’s. Being proactive and aware is THE lesson for this decade.

The best advice and the thing to keep in mind throughout the years is that a healthy diet and sustained exercise have been shown to cut body fat, blood pressure and memory loss. Waiting until Monday or next month to turn over a new healthy leaf is passive approach to health. Start NOW; making the choice today to live our best lives, is a decision that our skin and body will thank us for, for decades to come!

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