Sassy Flavored Water Making Water Fun

I have a confession; I hate drinking water. I’ve hated it as long as I can remember; and, although many would say that water is flavorless, I tend to disagree. Water is the ultimate in bland flavor. When a soup lacks flavor, we refer to it as watery, right?!

I’ve managed to meet my daily water requirements due in large part to my smoothie, tea and juice consumption; but recently, with the weather fluctuating so crazily here in Edmonton, my skin has been in revolt. I can only attribute this to the fact that I very rarely drink water as is. It would seem that the buck stops here.

However, no matter how well meaning my efforts, the flavor of water turns me right off; so what’s a natural foodie to do? Customize, that’s what!

Store bought water flavorings are full of sugar or, worse, artificial sweeteners; and they are completely useless when compared to nature’s bounty, which provides us with the necessary accoutrements to create fun flavored water!

Human beings are comprised of a whopping 83% water; muscles are 75% water and the brain, our control panel, is 74 % water; so to say that water consumption is important would be grossly understated. Every single metabolic process requires water to be carried out; we need it to digests and absorb crucial nutrients. Our livers love water because it helps to flush toxins out through our urine. Which is why we need to keep replenishing our supply; otherwise the water gets stagnant. We’ve all seen a pool that hasn’t been drained in months, it’s nasty; think of that every time you decide to skip water in favor of a coffee.

Experts believe that most of us carry on through life under hydrated; therefore making our blood work harder to circulate, resulting in brain fog and fatigue. And for those of us who want to keep our hearts healthy, staying hydrated helps to stave off heart disease by having positive effects on our blood viscosity, plasma viscosity, hematocrit and fibrinogen.

But that’s all super technical; when all that really bears repeating is DRINK MORE WATER!

By supercharging regular, plain old water with fruits, vegetables and herbs, we add punches of flavor in addition to antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I went on a flavored water rampage; and was incredibly pleased with the results. Cucumber, mint and ginger make for a sassy water concoction that I, a diehard water hater, loved! And blueberry and rosemary water is bright and florally; words not typically used to describe water.

There are two ways to go about flavoring water; you can either steep the ingredients in cold water overnight; or steep the ingredients in boiling water for an hour. I was far too eager to wait a whole day; but the choice is entirely yours!

Sassy Cucumber, Ginger and Mint Juice

Makes 3 cups

1 lime, sliced

2 oz ginger, minced

5 oz cucumber, sliced

21 mint leaves

3 cups boiling water

Steep the ingredients in boiling water for 1 hour. Garnish with raspberry ice cubes.

Floral Infused Blueberry Rosemary Water

Makes 2 cups

½ oz rosemary, bruised

3 oz blueberries

2 cups boiling water

Bruise the rosemary by gently rubbing the leaves to release the flavors. Steep the ingredients in boiling water for an hour. Drain and serve with blueberry ice cubes

Fruit Cubes

In ice cube trays, add the fruit and cover with water; freeze and enjoy.