Love Thy Self- Self Love Pep Talk

We all have those days when we feel blah. We look in the mirror and instead of seeing strong, beautiful women, we see all the things we dislike about ourselves; a roll here, a wrinkle there, you name it. I have those days on occasion; where I find myself being over critical of everything. I get into a mood, I lose all motivation to exercise or cook healthy meals; and the negative self talk kicks into high gear. Serving only to feed the bad energy.

It’s seems to be a part of the female existence; because we, as women, tend to be very hard on ourselves. Questing for the perfect body, an amazing career and strong relationships can be a heavy burden to bear and it can get to be a little much. And, although it is easy to blame society and the media, the responsibility falls on us to stand together in solidarity; and shout from the rooftops that WE ARE PERFECT JUST THE WAY WE ARE.

Could I stand to lose 10 pounds? Maybe. Would I like to make more money? Who wouldn’t. But that doesn’t mean that who I am, in this very moment, isn’t worthy of happiness. Self love is so often calibrated on factors that have nothing to do with true love; and it can be so easy to attempt to measure our merits on things that have no bearing on our worth as women, mothers, daughter, wives and human beings.

I wax poetic about stopping the clock, losing weight, eating healthy; and I do this, not for the sake of vanity, but because I believe that we are all worthy of the abundance that living a healthy life brings. And when we fill our heads with negative thoughts, they begin to permeate our minds and deceive us into thinking that we aren’t worthy of this abundance.

Appreciating where we are at this very moment is easier said than done, I struggle with it all the time; but when a mood hits, being in the now is what helps me climb out of the doldrums and get my groove back. Taking the time to exercise, eat healthy and take inventory of the wonderful things I continue to accomplish on a daily basis goes a long way to helping me appreciate my station in life and my body- rolls, wrinkles and all!

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