Everything you need about cosmetic surgery

With the rising popularity of cosmetic surgery and so many cosmetic surgeons, it is important to choose expert in this line. A name dr omarjee is getting popular day by day and Dr Omarjee is known as “the Doc”. He has done so many surgeries. Cosmetic surgeries are the innovation of the modern age. This industry is booming in just less than a decade.

Reasons of why people choose cosmetic surgery?

Health reasons

Some people may have gone through times caused by illness, so it is obvious to correct the damage caused by their illness. Some time surgery is the only option available. Some people need to survive


Second reason why people get surgery is because they met with an accident because of accidents people can become deformed so surgery is only option to help them.

Self confidence

Some people choose surgery to boost their self confidence. They don’t feel confident they feel they don’t look good. They think that something is missing in their body and people are ahead from them

Wants to look like film stars

Many people want to look like their favorite celebrities. They are ready to go under the knife and choose surgery. People want their nose to look like a particular celebrity which is not always possible


Some people say vanity is biggest reason why people get cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation can considered as vanity procedures. It increases to their self esteem

Things to consider before cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is something that can change life of persons and way of thinking for themselves. Persons who are interested should research about the process if they are convinced then they should go for final surgery. There are certain points that need to be considered

Do it for yourself

At times we hear many accidents like I want breast augmentation because I think they are not well, but because my husband thinks they are not in shape. This is wrong because it will not satisfy you it will satisfy your partner so do it for yourself

Are you fit?

Before considering any kind of cosmetic surgery it will best to checkup of whole body to avoid any complications during surgery. He should be mentally or physically fit for surgery and mentally prepared

Be realistic

After surgery no one can look like salman khan or Katrina. Yes you will be better version of yourself so be realistic and don’t feel disappointed with end results of surgery.