BioSnacky 10 Day Sprouting Challenge

I love the idea of sprouting, in fact I sprout my nuts and seeds prior to make them into milk; but as far as sprouting beans and other things, I have never gotten around to it.

Sprouting in a mason jar, although a noble feat, just never appealed to me; so when I was invited to apply to be a part of the Bio-Snacky Sprouting Challenge, where in which I would get my very own counter top sprouter, I was chuffed! The ability to effortlessly sprout in my own kitchen was extremely desirable to me.

So why on earth am I so excited to sprout?

Well, the sprouting process increases enzyme activity by over 50% and increases the vitamin capacity by 3-4 times; this is huge when we are talking about getting the most bang for our nutritional buck. When we sprout we introduce raw, living foods into our bodies that are able to nourish us at a cellular level. That is, of course, the cliff notes version!

The bio snacky original seed sprouter, is a compact little machine that makes growing sprouts and herbs at home easy and fun- because when is easy not fun?! And the compartmentalized system enables us to sprout 3 different kinds of seeds at once. Best part, it’s dishwasher safe! Easy, fun and convenient- I like!

Today I started sprouting, and I am so excited to share my results with you; I am looking so forward to sharing some delicious recipes that feature my homemade sprouts.

You can follow all the fun and see what other sprouters are up to by:

  • Following the hashtag #bioSnackySprouts
  • Follow myself on Twitter @VitalityGuide and also @AVogel_ca
  • And be sure to join all the sprouting enthusiasts on July 2nd for our wrap up Twitter party- it’s going to be BIG!

I also want to touch on store bought conventional sprouts. In recent years, sprouts of all kinds have been infected with salmonella- yes, you read that right, salmonella; so sprouting at home has become even more desirable. As a caveat, my dear readers, I bid you to know where your sprouts come from and/or cook them to ensure that the disease is killed.

With that said, let’s get sprouting!