Connected Communities

SchoolNet Connected Communities provides a platform for enhancing communication and collaboration between all stakeholders of learning – School owners (government & Private sector), educators (teachers and administrators), Learners (at all levels), Parents / Guardians, Industry (& general public your programs, faculty, and students. It provides access to education resources, supports interdisciplinary studies, and provide a broader understanding of the culture, courses, and research.

SchoolNet connected communities is implemented in collaboration with CampusConnect.

CampusConnect extends academic activity beyond the walls of the schools and ensures a fuller richer learning experience as students are provided the platform to practice and express knowledge from information gathering and ordering processes of the classroom.

Students, faculty and industry can interact in real time to discuss academic topics, meet people with similar interests, reach out to mentors, tutors, study groups or practice with professional groups. Users can also launch extended communities with students and professionals of various institutions of interest worldwide.

This academically-focused social network revolutionizes the online learning experience by combining the traditional campus life and social networking in compelling, engaging and beneficial ways for our students, faculty and staff, public and industry integration